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Brighton Ruby Call For Papers

Hello, I'm Andy. I'm the host of Brighton Ruby.

I've run this friendly event for four years and I do my best to make being a speaker as fun as possible.

I'm looking for talks about programming in Ruby and topics of interest to Rubyists, as both programmers and human beings.

We have a history of helping speakers get onto the stage for the first time and trying out new ideas: we've had a gameshow and multiple live musical performances! If you’ve never given a talk before, I will help you develop it and support you all the way. I've given conference talks myself and seen hundreds.

If you are nervous, consider a 5 minute lightning talk. They are a great way to try out public speaking and they're often the highlight of the day. Despite the nerves... you'll do great.

If you're from an under-represented group, we are a welcoming and friendly audience. We are, after all, Rubyists. Please submit.

Selection Process

The CFP process for Brighton Ruby is not an anonymous process; more of a "benevolent dictatorship". I am looking for a balance of topics, voices and variety throughout the day.

For 2019 I'm looking for technical Ruby and Rails related talks, as well as broader software engineering topics. Feel free to submit a technical or a non-technical talk.

I am unlikely to choose speakers who have given their talk at another UK conference or popular meetup (e.g. LRUG) in the previous 12 months. It's not fair to attendees in a single track to see a bunch of talks they have likely seen before.


I cover travel and accommodation (and reimburse any costs very quickly). I also provide a speaker honorarium.

If your company covers conference costs as a benefit of your employment, we'll happily make them a sponsor. And that makes my life easier too!